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About Us

We have always believed that to start a successful brand, you need to do be building something you believe in — something for yourself. Well, naturally, we love good whiskey and everything cocktail-related. After we met a few years ago, we found ourselves trying to make amazing cocktails at home and we quickly realized that with a little effort, we were pretty decent home bartenders. At least, we like to think so...

It all started with a simple elevator pitch about instant coffee. Remember in the 90s when that was a thing? Well, there wasn't very much knowledge (read: Internet), equipment (also Internet), or cultural emphasis on coffee 20 years ago, so you didn't find people talking about their $800 burr grinders or their artisanal beans flown in from Portland. You do today, though, yet people still go out to cafés for a similar experience and spend good coin to do so. 

We see a similar trend happening in the cocktail world. People are learning more about spirits and cocktail culture — it's almost like we're all learning how to drink well again. Even small bars are offering better quality liquors, trying their hand at the classics, and even building their own unique recipe books. Still, it seems to genuinely surprise people when they come over to my place and I make them a "fancy" drink. With the right tools, a little bit of information, and the right ingredients, you can make a better Old Fashioned at home than you've ever had at the bar, so why not? The best part is you'll learn more about your personal tastes and tumble down the rabbit hole just like we did. 

Ketelson Supply Co. is a project we've been working on since 2014. As we slowly and clumsily navigated through our professional lives, the idea took form, and we found a way to make it a reality. We've brought in some of our favourite products from a number of different sources, and hope that you find them as rewarding as we have. We hope that as we continue to learn and discover more about cocktails and mixology, we'll discover more fun products that are just as important and we plan on sharing all of that with you.

Just remember: never run out of ice.